Top 2: Matt Saunoa is NZ Idol 2006!

Submitted by Mr Phantomb on 29 October, 2006 - 9:44pm

Congratulations Matty!



Congratulations Matt, I have

Congratulations Matt, I have been a supporter all the way through but after you sang the Idol song last night that was the clincher (I voted an extra 20 times).  So good luck with the single and please dont be another Idol hasbeen and become idol who?.  Make the most of the opportunity and have a good life. All the very best for your career.



Congrats Matt! As soon as

Congrats Matt! As soon as you sang the idol single I knew it HAD to be you. So we voted another five times :) What I love about you is that you're so human, you give real answers, you sing song that you can connect with, you're an awesome dude :D

Very happy that Matt

Very happy that Matt won.:)

Just hope he takes advantage of the fame and support he now has, and carries on with his singing and that we get to hear more from him in the future!:)

That single may just have a chance with him singing it!  I look forward to hearing him sing more on the radio.:)

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I am sooooo happy, Im so

I am sooooo happy, Im so glad you won Matt, you truly deserved it, that great voice and genuine personality prevailed in the end. Well done. Can't wait to support you in the future! and to everyone else , told you Matt was going to win - He Rocks!

Well done.

Well done.

Yay Matt won! I am so happy

Yay Matt won! I am so happy i cant sleep.Will buy his album! I voted for him 4 times!

I didn't know you could bet

I didn't know you could bet on the Idols. I would have put money on Matt when it was the Final 10. Oh well, I'm glad he won because he's never been in the bottom 2 and he has always sung all his theme songs well each week.
Matt's been consistent and he always sings on key.

Thanks Matt! My $20 on you

Thanks Matt! My $20 on you at the start of the season made me 500 smackers!

chur chur criticdudes

chur chur criticdudes shouting us all out to the Movies :P

Awesome stuff Matt I loved

Awesome stuff Matt :D

I loved it how Frankie had to eat his words over his "I don't think yours is the voice we're looking for" audition comment..

All the best man.

Congrats Matt .I cant wait

Congrats Matt :) .I cant wait to buy your single.

Awesome Stuff Matt, you are

Awesome Stuff Matt, you are a True Legend, Star and the Best New Zealand Idol I have seen since the beginning of the shows.  You truly deserve your status and I believe you will make yourself an International Hit.

Go boy, take those wings and fly away to Stardom.

Congratulations to you Matt - you are the best  :o)

Congrats Matt.  Poor

Congrats Matt.  Poor Indira.  Well done to both.

Congratulations Matt, you

Congratulations Matt, you deserved it!


CONGRATS MATT.....Awesome tonight as always....really tough competition from Indira but you really put it all together tonight.....loooooooooved your version of the Idol Winner's song.....thought that song was totally made for you as soon as I heard it buddy......YEEEE HAAAAA !!!...Am so happy for you.

Congrats Matt!!  I went

Congrats Matt!!  I went tonight and it was an awesome show.  You all sounded great.  I have supported you throughout the competition and I will definitely be buying your single.  Hopefully an album will follow. Good luck!!

Congrattles Mattles! ps.

Congrattles Mattles!
ps. chevvyyyy how much did you spend :P

Blah Hi! im to embarrased to

Blah Hi! im to embarrased to say but my Telstra-Clear a/c is now in the red :O

i have to go transfer more funds from ANZ to Telstra-clear to get back in the green hahah!

Spazz ate it?! Heh. You

Spazz ate it?! :P
Heh. You should ask for a refund from Matt 8)

Yay Matt. Congratulations on

Yay Matt. Congratulations on winning NZ Idol.

I liked the way you sang the new single tonight.

YEYAH!!! Indira was a tough

Indira was a tough competitor but you came out on top.

Congratulations Matt, you deserve every bit of your success :)


Congrats!!!! :D

Congratz Matt!

Congratz Matt! :D

Congrats Matty!

Congrats Matty!

awesome Matt couzz!

awesome Matt couzz!

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