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Cameron Clayton

Submitted by alcatel on 23 July, 2006 - 9:49pm

From:  Auckland (currently residing in Christchurch)

Age:  20

Work:  Currently studying for a degree at the National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (NASDA) in Christchurch



  • 2006: Graduate CMAA College of Country Music - Tamworth (scholarship)
  • 2005: NZ Country Music Association - Entertainer of the Year
  • 2004: NZ Gold Guitar - Overall Senior Winner
  • 2002: Tamworth Camerata Graduate
  • 2001: Tranz-Tasman Country Music Entertainer of the Year.
  • 2001:  NZ Country Music Intermediate Entertainer of the Year
  • October 2005 - Released new single "A Little Bit of Country In All of Us"

Cameron's new single is an Alan Caswell / Al Craig song and is backed by the Feral Swing Cats.  The recording of the single was part of the prize that Cameron received when he won the Jazzer Smith Memorial Awards in Tamworth 2005.

 Hear an interview with Cameronn here

Currently shares a flat in Christchurch with fellow Idol contestant, Kali Kopae.





  • Audition:                   Sunday Kind Of Love - Etta James/Christina Aguilera
  • Theatre Rounds:      Senorita - Justin Timberlake
  • Top 18:                    (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding



Cam was ment to be singing

Cam was ment to be singing at the pro-am country music concert in hamilton, but seen as he has made it so far in idol he isn't aloud to sing there any more. but i know where my vote will be going this year if he makes it!!

HEy Boooo Dam you are sooooo

HEy Boooo Dam you are sooooo FIIIIINE! I just want you to blow my miiiiiind!! All the time!! Dam boo I just wanna get tangled in those curly locks you remind me of Goldilocks but with brown hair and a boy!! But dam boo you can eat all my porridge my porridge will never be to hot hot for you boo unless you want hot Do you like it hot? or spicy? or original? or you want some of popcorn chicken. come mix some potato with my gravy boo.  I cant wait to see your body glimmering in the lights I wanna be the sweat dripping from your hot steamy body...(dribble dribble dribble)... coz dam boo you got it all tender and crisp just the way I like boo!!

Ps Im across the road I really like that shirt on you but maybe you should where the other one you tried on coz Dam boo you fine!!!

If you need a friend or just looking for some no strings attached fun come my way at the park around the corner Dont worry boo I got all the protection you need!! Holla yeah thats the way I like it ooohhhh mmmmm yeah..........

P.s Im 6

Keep it real homie  Keep it Cammylishes,,,, My mummy helped me write this Im so proud it took me half an hour what does dribble dribble mean??

darryl eat ur heart out!!!

darryl eat ur heart out!!! we shall all reville in the glory of you!!!

just stay away from 3 woman with a doll and a pin... love ya cam congrats!!!

alex xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Yay Cammy! who knew you'd be

Yay Cammy! who knew you'd be this famous aye :P I think this is just another rheineck moment.. i'm sure you know what i mean! When you're done we'll dance with the devil - love ya babe!! xoxoxo

love ya Cameron, from Nicole

love ya Cameron, from Nicole and Shona

Best wishes for the upcoming

Best wishes for the upcoming weeks Cam, everyone's very proud of you.  Talk to ya soon, xxx janelle

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