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Submitted by admin on 19 May, 2005 - 12:30am

Welcome to Idolblog - a blog on the New Zealand Idol competition!

You'll find all the best information and commentary, complete with our own resident critic on the contestants and much more. We will bring you the most info about everything to do with NZ Idol!

You'll find that Idolblog is a great community to be a part of and lots of fun. We encourage everyone to add any information to the site that relates to the competition. Last year the site won best youth site of the year at the NetGuide Awards.

Idolblog is read by all sorts of people - current and past contestants, the people who make and are part of the show, the media and of course the fans!

Idolblog is an unofficial fan site, not an official site or affiliated with NZ Idol.

FremantleMedia, 19 Television, TVNZ and their associated companies are not responsible for the content of Idolblog and hereby disclaim any liability in relation to any content or services provided by or on IdolBlog.

If you're looking for the official NZ Idol website, it's at TVNZ's site.

Idolblog is run by Regan and Rachel Cunliffe in Auckland.

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